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Melsza and Edwin are known to be very relaxed and friendly. They didn't show a shred of nervousness on the day of their wedding. Both started the day by getting ready for their traditional ceremony, which they decided to carry out wearing hanbok, Korean traditional costume. In a room painted in bright orange, the happy couple carried out various rituals along with their immediate families. These intimate moments were gracefully captured by the talented team from Valerian Photo. "We want to bring their mixed tradition into the pictures with a lot of raw and honest moments. Even the mother of the bride and groom was wearing hanbok to the dinner reception and the fathers are already holding hands together! They are the highlight of the reception," recalled the photographer.

After the traditional ceremony, the two-headed straight to their rooms for the holy matrimony ceremony. Melsza admired her gorgeous plunged-neckline styled wedding gown from The Knots, and couldn't wait to wear it so she could feel like a true princess. In the other room, Edwin suited up in a navy blue tuxedo with the help of his parents. They both gave him a pat on the back and some pep talk on finally getting married to the love of his life. Both families accompanied the bride and groom to the stage. The moment of their arrival to the moment Melsza and Edwin are officially announced as husband and wife are both emotional and fairytale-like, as you can see in these divine shots by Valerian Photo.

"We want to bring their mixed tradition into the pictures with a lot of raw and honest moments. The one with a palm tree in the middle means they are going to be one through love, no matter what the barriers are," explained Valerian Photo team on the concept behind Melsza and Edwin's brief photoshoot with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Luckily, the couple were very natural in front of the lens and not at all shy to be continuously photographed. These are what makes their wedding album incredibly touching, it's as if anyone who sees it is transported to those moments captured within the pictures.

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